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Couch Surfing in Tasmania

Couch surfing is becoming a popular way to travel and with social media being as pervasive in our lives as it is today finding a place to crash is now a whole lot easier. If you don't have friends who live where you are going there are plenty of places to find a couch for free or at least cheap. Considering how many hippies and hipsters live in Tasmania if you can't find a couch to crash on you are probably doing something wrong. 

Couch surfing for the uninitiated is the act of offering free accommodation to travellers (usually with expenses covered) in exchange a traveler offers their host something in return such as a meal, some housework, or the sharing of a skill. It's a great way to meet new people and share cross cultural experiences. Couch Surfing is a community where you can connect with couch surfers to both find places to stay and also offer some space if you have it. The community is made up of regular couch surfers and hosts. The site also has facilities to resolve disputes and plenty information on how to couch surf safely.

Listings sites such as Gumtree have couch surfing sections and are another way to find somewhere to stay. Failing that you are always welcome to post a request to the Adventure Tasmania Facebook Page.