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Hiring a car

Hiring a vehicle and going your own way is one of the most popular ways to get around and experience all that Tasmania has to offer. There are plenty of vehicle hire options for your budget with everything from the latest BMW to those ugly as fuck, usually offensive graffiti laden revamped camper van death traps. For a full listing of car hire providers in Tasmania check out Discover Tasmania.

Licences and hiring conditions

Different hire companies have different vehicle hire requirements for each individual. Many companies won't hire vehicles to people on Learners or Provisional licenses may have some difficulty hiring from some of the larger hire chains. We highly recommend doing your research before you turn up at the hire desk.

Picking the right vehicle

Would you go climb a mountain in high heels? Picking the right vehicle for your trip can make things go a whole lot smoother. If your planning on spending some time exploring Hobart and the surrounding area then a small car such as the Toyota Yaris will do you fine, for any big trips into our more hilly terrain and you probably want something bigger. For longer trips around the state and if you plan to go and explore areas such as the North West and North East we can not recommend a vehicle such as a Nissan X-Trail or a Subaru Forester.