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Maria Island

Maria Island and the Maria Island National Park are located off the East Coast of Tasmania and easily accessible via ferry from Triabunna.

The island is a National Park and wildlife sanctuary and vehicles (with the exception of bicycles) are not allowed on the island. There is limited accommodation, with the bunk house at the Darlington Penitentiary being the only option other than a number of free camping spots around the island.

Getting to Maria Island is easily managed by ferry from Triabunna with multiple departures and returns per day over peak season. 

On the island there are some amazing spots to explore, from the beautiful Painted Cliffs rock formations to the peaks of Bishop and Clark which offer stunning views over the island and the east coast of Tasmania.

There is also plenty of wildlife to see with wombats, pademelons, wallabies, devils and a variety of bird species regularly spotted on the island.

A Brief History of Maria Island

Maria Island was first settled by Europeans in 1825 as a penal colony and many of the islands original buildings from this era are still standing and in use today. The island was later settled as a farming station in the 1880's producing silk, wine and quarrying limestone from the area around the Painted Cliffs.

Prior to colonial settlement the island was regularly visited by Aboriginal peoples from the tribes based around Oyster Bay.

Our Local Tips

  • The ferry is free during off peak season making this a great day trip from Hobart.
  • You can bring a bike with you which is the perfect way to get around the island.
  • If you plan to stay make sure to bring a tent or book with the Darlington Station well in advance as accommodation is limited.

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