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Flinders Island

Flinders Island off the North East Coast of Tasmania has plenty to see and do with white sandy beaches, plenty of walks and the amazing Strzelecki National Park.

There are a number of tours you can take to explore the island but probably the best way is to hire a car and do things at your own pace. If you are feeling adventurous then one of the best ways to see the island is on a quad bike tour which will take you along dirt tracks and local beaches.

Flinders Island is known for it's local produce with plenty of opportunities to sample local wines, meat, cheeses and fresh seafood. Make sure to taste some of the local beef while you are there it's some of the best beef produced anywhere in Australia.

Getting to Flinders Island involves flying from either Launceston or Essendon Airport in Melbourne. A regular ferry service is available but it is primarily meant as a shipping service and isn't described as comfortable, flying in is your best bet. Car hire is available on the island which allows you to easily get around at your own pace.

Accommodation on the island is a bit limited with no major hotels however there are a number of self contained cabin and cabin park style accommodation to chose from.

A Brief History of Flinders Island

Flinders Island is named after Matthew Flinders, a navigator in Captain Cook's expedition who chartered a number of the islands in the area. 

The island was first settled in the early 1800's as a sealing colony however seal stocks collapsed shortly after and by the 1830's the residents of the islands had begun farming and mutton birding. 

Our Local Tips

  • Go walking in the Strzelecki National Park
  • Check out some of the amazing white sandy beaches
  • Watch the wallabies at sunset

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