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Wynyard, Burnie and Penguin

Wynyard, Burnie and Penguin face the treacherous Bass Straight and offer a rich industrial and agricultural heritage to explore.

Wynyard is famous for Table Cape and the tulip and lily farms that surround it; when flowering the area turns into a patchwork of colours. There is a festival celebrating the local colours each year at spring.

Burnie is a major industrial centre in Tasmania and also a major port. There are a number of great walks in the surrounding area and it's worth checking out Guide Falls south of the township. If you are into arts and crafts make sure to check out the Makers Centre, a cross between a workshop and a museum where you can see a variety of crafts in practice and purchase directly from the giftshop.

Penguin is another small town on the North West coast and home to the largest undercover market in Tasmania held every sunday. Nearby is a great little mountain bike park that is home to the annual Cranky Penguin Mountain Bike race.

A Brief History of Wynyard, Burnie and Penguin

Prior to the colonial settlement, the area was home to a number of Aboriginal tribes who made their way between the grasslands and the ocean to hunt and fish. 

Colonial settlement first occurred in the 1820's with the area being settled for agriculture and later becoming a major industrial hub.

Our Local Tips

  • Check out the Tulips and Lilies at Table Cape near Wynyard.
  • Go for a walk to Guide Falls, it's amazing after a bit of rain.
  • Go for a ride at Penguin MTB park.


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