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Why Tasmania is amongst the best in the world

Opinion by Dale Baldwin

Posted: February 3, 2015

Lonely Planet is possibly the most trusted guide for travel and backpacking in the world so when they declare a place one of the top 10 regions to visit in any particular year, it's worth adding that destination to your bucket list. In 2015 Tasmania is included in Lonely Planets guide as one of the top 10 regions in the world to visit, here are just some of the reasons why we think you need to start planning a trip down south right now.

Amazing scenery to explore on your own

Tasmania has some of the most stunning scenery in Australia, from the temperate rain forests of the Tarkine and Western Wilderness areas to the beautiful white sandy beaches of the East Coast.

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Tasmania for it's size is sparsely populated with only 500k people in Tasmania it's not difficult to get out of Hobart or a major regional centre and be able to explore a place without seeing another person. On tours such as those that run down the Franklin it's possible to not see another person outside of your group for the full length of the trip.

A beautiful sunset looking out of Wineglass Bay!

You don't have to explore far to find some amazing places and often you don't have to walk very far either, places like Lake St Clair offer views of the surrounding mountains and high plains from the waters edge just a five minutes walk from the car. If you want to step out into the wilderness and explore on foot there are some amazing places to find, and walks like those to Federation peak offer stunning views of the world heritage area.

Sunsets over Lake St Clair #discovertasmania #lakestclair #pumphousepoint

Local Food and produce

Tasmania has some of the best food and wine produces and culinary talent in Australia, Restaurant Australia was recently held in Tasmania and showcased the best culinary experiences Tasmania has to offer.

tim heath on Twitter

One of the best things Tasmania has going for it is that our food is as local as you can get. Our seafood is caught in Tasmanian waters and you can get local delights like Crayfish, Abalone and Oysters right off the boat. You can also go out and meet the people making the produce, with many producers offering farm and cellar door experiences that explain how they make their products and the processes involved.

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Tasmania also has a booming scene for wine, spirits, ciders and beers. Tasmania grows locally, the ingredients to make some amazing beverages and had grown a local cottage industry around developing award winning products. Recently Tasmania has gained global attention for our production of top quality whisky with both Lark and Sullivans Cove distilleries taking out top honours at international awards.

Whisky Tango #invitetheworldtodinner #restaurantaustralia #discovertasmania #tasmania @australia @tasmania

Intimate Adventures

Many people talk about New Zealand being the Adventure Hub of the Southern Hemisphere, but they completely forget all of the amazing things on offer in Tasmania. One of the things Tasmania does amazingly well is create amazing and intimate experiences that give you a real understanding of the history and environment of Tasmania. Tasmania for the most part has shied away from the jet boats and bungee jumping that New Zealand famously offers instead creating tours and experiences that take you deep into our wilderness areas and up close to our wild life.

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In places like the Tarkine and on the Franklin you have time to stop, close your eyes, listen to the forrest around you and get up close to some our oldest and largest trees such as the Huon pine. At night you can sleep under the stars and catch a view of the immenseness of the milky way without smog or light to obstruct your view. On the waters around the Tasman Peninsula you can explore the immense cliffs and rocky shorelines up close in both sea kayaks and special inflatable speed boats giving you a real sense of the dangers faced by early settlers attempting to arrive by ship.

The great ravine at night

Our local guides are some of the best in the world not only being experts in the activities they lead but also incredibly knowledgable in the history and significance of the places they take you. Many of our local guides have years of experience guiding in Tasmania and chose to guide here as they have a real passion for Tasmania and the places they take you.

Lively Culture

Tasmania has a strong tendency to juxtapose conservative values with liberal ideas and push cultural boundaries everywhere possible, this often leads to controversy but also allows for a strong artistic and experimental culture to thrive.

Jukey Jukebox

The best known output of this is the Museum of Old and New Art, a colossal building built by a rather eccentric millionaire gambler to house a collection of art bought originally to circumvent laws limiting the amount of money you can bring into the country. Both MONA, the festivals it runs and the art works the museum contains are a treasure to Tasmania and showcase a desire to expand our understanding of art, culture and each other, failing that it's a good excuse to get painted up and go skinny dipping in freezing cold water.

Tonight at 7.45pm at PW1, Beijing artist Li Binyuan will smash the living daylights out of 250 hammers. Tomorrow, more art with hammers.

Away from the more obvious places a thriving arts and music scene can be found throughout the state with small art festivals popping up every year in unlikely places such as the hard done by mining community of Queenstown showcasing local and international artists. 

Scratching the surface

We have really only just scratched the surface of what makes Tasmania such a unique destination to visit. If you have other suggestions or want to share your own experiences with us post them in the comments below or on our social media pages.

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