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Aurora Australis

There's nothing like the brief glimpse of an Aurora over Tasmania to get every kid and their dog with a camera out of the house.
The southern lights been putting on a real show this year.
Hobart get's to see the aurora a few nights every year and May 1st 2013 was one of them
The last night of April delivered a spectacular aurora for those willing to brave the cold.
Francois Fourie takes ABC Open out into the night to capture the Aurora Australis
Sometimes it takes a bit more than luck to see an Aurora in Tasmania
Discover Aurora photos from May 20th from around Tasmania by a great bunch of our local Tasmanian Photographers.
May has been a great month for photographers chasing the southern lights.
Kev Morse captures a stunning pink and purple aurora over Tasmania in December.
Tasmania got treated to it's first Aurora of 2015 and it turned out to be massive. Photographers all over the state grabbed some amazing shots.
The southern lights put on a spectacular show for the end of the financial year
A lucky few of our local Tasmanian photographers braved the cold and cloudy conditions to grab some awesome Aurora imagery this week.
Cradle Mountain makes an amazing backdrop for the Aurora Australis
James Stone delivers another stunning Aurora time lapse.