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We put this together from some of our favourite videos from the last year. Includes mountain biking, rafting, kayaking, Bruny Island and Dark Mofo
Here's the much anticipated lineup for this years Dark MOFO winter festival in Hobart.
Dark Mofo, a winter festival set to broaden your concept of the arts is set to launch this week.
Yep the Dark Mofo week of crazyness and post spam starts now!
Here is a few bits of info and a couple of quick tips for surviving Dark Mofo 2015
We headed out to explore teh huge public art exhibition Dark Park, down at Dark Mofo 2015.
We headed down to check out Dark Park on Macquarie point at Dark Mofo 2015.
The Hot House was setup as part of Dark Mofo as a place to develop a community and share ideas.
Still getting over Dark Mofo? Here are some more highlights for you.
Lots of photos or rainbows and stuff. Basically a tampon commercial!
Hobart's winter power bill is going to be freaking insane this year!
Here is our top 10 things to do this winter in Tasmania, if you are planning a trip between April and September make sure to include some of these.
Lonely planet has declared Tasmania one of it's Top 10 regions to visit in 2015. Here's why you should plan a trip to Tasmania this year.
The Tasmanian Winter is almost upon us, find out things to do in Tasmania this winter.
Tasmania had it's coldest winter on record, here's what has been popular with locals and travellers this winter.