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East Coast

The story of the first ascent of Augmentium using a traditional climbing style, oneof the most challenging rock climbing routes in Tasmania.
Cycling is one of the cheapest and best ways to explore Tasmania and the East Coast is the perfect with plenty of scenic country roads to explore.
Tasmania is one of Australia's premier diving destinations for it's variety of ocean life, kelp beds and wrecks.
The beaches on Tasmania's East Coast are some of the best and least populated in Australia.
Paul Strk showcases the East Coast in this amazing Road Trip video.
Falls Festival is fast becoming one of the biggest events on the calendar with some of the best acts in Australia making the trip down to Marion Bay.
Two of Tasmania's most in demand photographers are running workshops and sharing their secrets.
From Jacob's Ladder to the amazing Blue Derby Trails there are always plenty of amazing places to explore if you bring a bike on a Tassie road trip.
Freycinet has some of the best white sandy beaches and clear water in Tasmania, perfect for paddle boarding, sailing and kayaking.
Take a road trip and discover Tasmania's East Coast. The area has some of the best beaches in Australia and some spectacular views.
Tasmania is the perfect destination if you love to drive or ride with hundred of windy back country roads to explore.
Taking the plunge, 20m into the cold waters of the Southern Ocean
Wandering Willos visit Tasmania and deliver another awesome road trip video.