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White Water Rafting

A quick highlights reel of our recent trip down the Franklin River with Franklin River Rafting.
We put this together from some of our favourite videos from the last year. Includes mountain biking, rafting, kayaking, Bruny Island and Dark Mofo
The Newlands Cascade campsite on the Franklin River in Tasmania is always a welcome sight.
Majestic beauty meets human devistation
It's not an Adventure without a bit of danger thrown in, here are some our favourite picks and recent thoughts on adventures in Tasmania.
Halloween is upon us with Hobart declared Australia's spookiest city, we go white water rafting on the Franklin and OMG so much snow!
King River Rafting is starting up in November with day trips down the King River near Queenstown on Tasmania's West Coast.
Mark Oates and crew go on a Packrafting adventure in the Leven Canyon.
We joined Franklin River Rafting for an amazing first trip of the rafting season.
Tasmanian Expeditions and Glenn Walker explore the history and beautiful scenery of the iconic Franklin River.