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Launceston City Ghost Tour

From $25

About Launceston City Ghost Tour

This is our main ghost tour, which does incorporate some adult stories of rape, hangings and murder. These are true stories, they have been handed down over generations. We have purposely tried not to embellish them in any way other than to portray “The Facts”.

It is a 90 minute walking tour around the alleyways and inner laneways of Launceston.

Our guides are skilled but we recommend it is not for children under 10. There have been times when upset children have had to leave the tour. Children unattended by an adult are not permitted.

If you intend to bring children, please tell us the age/ages and our guides will adapt the stories to suit that situation. If you discuss it with our Tour Director, arrangements can be made for the little ones to not enter The Coffin Room or another site that could be detrimental in any way.