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Maria Island Circumnavigation Cruise & Walk

From $220

About Maria Island Circumnavigation Cruise & Walk

You asked for it and now the ‘Circumnavigation’ has become the second cruise option for Maria Island!

Circumnavigate Maria Island as a special "upgrade" to the Riedle Bay cruise.  After enjoying lunch at Riedle Bay, you continue cruising south around the southern tip of Maria Island.  As you round Cape Peron and The Pyramid Rock in the south, you look over the waters of Marion Bay and down to the Tasman Peninsular.  Your cruise then brings you up the inside of Mercury Passage where you will have the remarkable and unique experience of spotting Maria's wildlife on the shore from the boat.  While this is never guaranteed, in 2014/2015 we had a 90% success rate at spotting wombats and kangaroos laying on the grassy shoreline!  We were even lucky enough to see Tasmanian Devils running along the rocky shore on multiple occasions.

The circumnavigation cruise will extend the time aboard the boat by 45min - 1hr.  The Riedle Bay cruise will return to Darlington at approximately 2:30pm.  The Circumnavigation cruise will return to Darlington at approximately 3:15-3:30pm.   Subsequently, the time spent on Maria Island in the afternoon is shortened if the tour includes a circumnavigation cruise.  Both tours include the same lunch and the guided walk around the convict settlement at Darlington, the only difference is the longer time cruising around the southern Maria Island coastline.  The extra cost in the Circumnavigation cruise covers the extra distance and fuel used.

Tour departs Triabunna at 10:00am and returns at 5:00pm. 
As we operate both tours with a single boat, the first person to book will set the tour destination for that day.