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Premium Wildlife Photography Experience - includes the Bonorong night tour

From $350

About Premium Wildlife Photography Experience - includes the Bonorong night tour

A very special afternoon and evening experience at Bonorong. Learn techniques to enhance your wildlife photography skills, discover the characteristics & habitats of native wildlife AND get up-close-and-personal with nocturnal creatures during a private tour with a wildlife keeper.

Important note:  We strongly recommend booking in advance for this experience... Bonorong's night tour is extremely popular, especially during summer and other peak periods such as school holidays. This experience is reliant on the availability of a wildlife keeper and will be confirmed separately. If you are flexible with your dates, please include this information in the additional comments field of the booking form.

Starting mid-late afternoon with your photographer guide, stroll around Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary to learn techniques for wildlife photography before the day dwelling creatures retire for the night. Then, after instruction & preparation for low-light/night photography we continue with an exclusive night tour with one of Bonorong's keepers for an incredible experience interacting with the animals in a totally different way. You'll have the opportunity to participate in feeding time as well as photograph some of Tasmania's rarely seen nocturnal creatures.

You will learn the most appropriate settings on your camera for wildlife photography and discover the importance of selecting the right backgrounds, keeping your camera steady, using available light, composing your subject, focussing, setting appropriate ISO and so much more to help you create unique images.  With a photographer guide by your side, you'll be given hints and tips for better photography in what are very challenging subjects and conditions.  But most of all, you will gain one of the best wildlife experiences Tasmania has to offer! 

NB: In the natural world, most wildlife is more active at night - the darkness of night is not always a suitable environment for normal photography. Shining bright lights is not ideal or suitable for any creature as it may be detrimental to their natural vision. For this reason, we do not allow the use of camera flashes for photographing the animals as this disturbs them too much. We will however benefit from being able to get up-close-and-personal with the animals, appropriate lighting sources and setting your camera accordingly for the best possible photographic opportunities. Please be aware that the result of your images when taken in the dark of night may depend on the capabilities of your camera for such conditions (e.g range of ISO available).  You will rarely, if ever, have an experience or opportunity of this kind anywhere in the natural environment. 

Highlights & Inclusions

  • 5-hours expert photography tuition and guidance
  • Entry into Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Complimentary kangaroo food
  • Unique and exclusive (private) night tour & animal feeding with a wildlife keeper
  • Bottled water
  • Savoury refreshments (dips/crackers, antipasto or similar)
  • Hot and cold beverages
  • Private experience for just you... or you and your travel companions

* Complimentary transfers from Hobart CBD available by arrangement (please allow 1-hour additional for transfers (30mins each way) departing 30 minutes prior to scheduled start and returning approximately 30 minutes after). 
* Please note that the start time of Bonorong's night tour depends on the sun so this will affect the actual start time of this experience - we will start at around 2.00-2.30pm in winter and 3.00-3.30pm in summer (the actual time will be provided when we confirm your booking).

As we stroll around the grounds you will be able to photograph animals in Bonorong's ever-changing menagerie - 

  • Tasmanian Devil
  • Wombats
  • Koala
  • Quolls
  • Kangaroos
  • Possums
  • Variety of native birds (in aviaries and free-flying)
  • and more

And during the night tour, meet the following animals, learn their individual stories and participate in feeding time (this list may vary from time to time)

  • Bettongs 
  • Potoroos
  • Sugar Gliders
  • Tawny Frogmouths 
  • Golden Possums
  • Tasmanian Devils at feeding time

$495 per person 
* $150 per person goes directly to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary to support wildlife rescue and conservation programs and a 2.5 hour tour with a wildlife keeper for up-close and personal experience with their very special nocturnal creatures (and some unique photo opportunities too). 

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is a haven for injured, sick or orphaned native animals with an ultimate aim to release the animals back into the wild when in full health. It is also a very special environment that allows you to get up close to the animals in enclosures that are created to reflect the natural habitat as if the animal was still in the wild - this makes it a fantastic place to observe and photograph each creature overcoming some of the challenges relating to finding wildlife in the wild (and keeps the animal in an environment as close to it's natural habitat as is possible during the recovery period). 
(visit http://bonorong.com.au for more information about the sanctuary)