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Adventure Tasmania

Adventure Tasmania is here to promote Tasmania as one of the world's best destinations for adventure travel and internationally recognised as one of the hottest places to visit right now.

Tasmania is the setting for world heritage wilderness, virtually untouched coast lines as well as a unique culture and history. Tasmania is a place of great contrasts, a place where progressive meets conservative, where great natural beauty meets impenetrable and deadly wilderness and where the modern world, colonial and ancient history collide. Adventure Tasmania intends to navigate these contradictions providing you with the latest information on the best ways to see just how amazing Tasmania can be.

Whether you want to walk, take a kayak, raft, yacht, or hit the slopes on a mountain bike we can show you the best places to go and the best tour companies to go with. While you're at it don't forget to explore Tasmania's amazing food, wine, arts and culture.

Our Values

Adventure Tasmania is built around a set of core values that we believe help set us apart as more than just another website here to market holidays.

  • We intend to be truthful and honest about Tasmanian experiences. You aren't interested in reading meaningless marketing fluff and we aren't interested in writing it.
  • We intend to put our products and experiences in context with the world around us especially the environment we inhabit.
  • We intend to promote activities that will push you physically and intellectually.
  • We intend to promote places to stay that allow you to relax and truly appreciate Tasmania's diverse locations.
  • We intend to make the site enjoyable to read and fun to browse.
  • We believe our audience are intelligent people capable of making their own decisions and developing their own opinions.
  • We encourage our audience to share their opinions with us and others in the community.

Who Is Adventure Tasmania

Adventure Tasmania is owned and operated by local, Dale Baldwin and is based out of Hobart.

Corporate Info

Adventure Tasmania Online

ABN 24 716 351 826
PO Box 140, South Hobart, 7004

Media Releases

Media Release - 09/14/2015, Adventure Tasmania Relaunces for 2015/2016 Tourist Season with new content and online bookings