Devonport is one Tasmania's most important ports and a major tourist hub linking Tasmania to mainland Australia through the Spirit of Tasmania ferries. Many travellers get off the boat and head through Devonport on their way to Launceston and Hobart but if you stop for long enough there is heaps to see and do here.

Devonport has some stunning coastline and surf beaches to explore during the summer months and it's well worth heading over to Mersey Point Lighthouse to check out it's stunning red and white stripped design. There are also a number of Aboriginal heritage sites that include rock carvings and middens along the coast line.

Devonport also offers easy access to major attractions such as Cradle Mountain which is only an hours drive away.

A Brief History of Devonport

Devonport was originally established as the towns of Formby and Torquay on opposite banks of the Mersey River in the 1850s. After work was completed to deepen the river the town was able to become a major port, seeing the first steamer traffic between Melbourne and Devonport. 

Our Local Tips

  • Check out the stripes at Mersey Point Lighthouse.
  • Head south to Cradle Mountain.
  • Take a look at the Tasmanian Railway Museum on the Don River.