Evandale, Campbell Town and Ross

Longford, Evandale, Perth, Campbell Town and Ross are the main towns in the northern part of Tasmania's Heritage Highway region and offer a chance to see what life was like in Tasmania during the 1800's.

Evandale is just a 20km drive south of Launceston and still has many of it's original Georgian and Victorian buildings still in use today. During February the town hosts the National Penny Farthing Championships, which features a little less lycra than most cycling and cool old-timey looking bikes.

Campbell Town is around a 45 minute drive south of Launceston and is known for it's red bridge and the convict walk that runs through the town. The Convict Brick Trail tells the stories of the convicts brought to Tasmania, many of which built the historic towns in this region. Campbell Town is also a great spot to stop and grab a coffee if driving between Hobart and Launceston.

Ross is another historic village with cobblestone streets and buildings dating back to the early 1800's. Ross has become particularly popular recently with fans of Japanese Anime due to the Ross Village Bakery's likeness to the setting of classic anime, Kiki's Delivery Service.

A brief History of Evandale, Campbell Town and Ross

Evandale, Campbell Town and Ross make up part of the northern end of the Heritage Highway, a road running between Hobart and Launceston established in the 1830's.

The area was home to a number of Aboriginal tribes prior to European settlement and there was considerable conflict between Aboriginal people and the settlers that saw many of the local tribes almost wiped out.

Our Local Tips

  • Go and see the Penny Farthing race in Evandale during February.
  • Take a break while driving from Hobart to Launceston in Campbell town to grab a coffee and shop The Book Cellar at Foxhunters Return.
  • Explore the Georgian and Victorian Architecture of these old towns.