Melaleuca and the South West

The South West is one of Tasmania's great natural wonders with tall mountains covered in Button Grass stretching as far as the eye can see. This place is one of the most remote in Australia even though it's only a short 90 minute flight from Hobart with Mountain Ranges and dense forests creating a natural barrier between the rest of Tasmania and the Southern Ocean. If you are looking for a truly wild place to explore then the South West has to be on your bucket list.

Getting to Tasmania's South West

Getting into the South West can only be done on foot, by plane or by boat. The most popular walking track for accessing the South West is the South Coast Track which runs from Cockle Creek through to Melaleuca. The track can be walked in both directions but generally it's best to fly into Melaleuca and walk out. The South Coast Track is considered one of the most difficult walks in Australia due to it's remote location, difficult terrain and unpredictable weather conditions.

Flying into Melaleaca from Hobart is the easiest and fastest way to explore the South West with Par Avion running regular flights from Cambridge Airport in Hobart between October and April with day tours and overnight options available.

If you fancy a few days sailing then there are a number of cruise options running each year with cruises departing Hobart and tracking along the South Coast before entering Port Davey.

Kayaking in the South West

Kayaking in the South West is a magical experience with hundreds of tiny inlets and bays to explore around Bathurst Harbour and Port Davey. Roaring 40's Kayaking run regular three day and seven day tours and are a perfect and very peaceful way to explore the waterways and stunning landscape. Exploring this place by kayak is one of our favourite ways to get around, you can easily get into places that boats can't go and there is always something majestic about making your way across the water under your own power.

South West Kayaking Tours

Explore deep into the bays and inlets of Bathurst Harbour and Port Davey

South West Wilderness 3 day Kayak Tour

South West Wilderness 7 day Kayak Tour

Scenic Flights to the South West

Tasmania's South West is one of the most stunning parts of Tasmania to see from the air wiht button grass carpeting the hills and mountains as far as the eye can sea. From the air you also get a real sense of just how remote and isolated this part of the world is, once you cross turn west after reaching Cockle Creek there are almost no signs of human interference with the landscape.

Par Avion run regular flights between Hobart and Melaleuca between October and April, the trips include the chance to get out and explore Melaleuca inlet and if you are lucky even spot the endangered Orange Bellied Parrot before jumping on board a boat and taking an eco cruise around the waterways.

South West Scenic Flights

See this spectacular wilderness from the air

Southwest World Heritage Tour

A Day in the Wilderness - South West Scenic Flight

The South Coast Track

The South Coast Track is known as one of the most difficult walks in Australia with muddy conditions, multiple river crossings and steep terrain providing a challenge for experienced, self sufficient walkers only. The South Coast Track runs from Melaleuca to Cockle Creek and takes in some of the most stunning and remote views in Tasmania. The walk generally takes between 8 and 10 days depending on conditions and your level of fitness.

Guided walking options operate during the warmer months between October and April and provide a great option if getting to Tasmania with lots of gear is prohibitive.