Mole Creek and Deloraine

Mole Creek and Deloraine both sit on the edge of the World Heritage area and offer easy access to Cradle Mountain and the Great Western Tiers.

Mole Creek is probably best known for the large network of limestone caves which are home to fragile crystal and rock formations as well as the spectacular glow worms. There are a number of guided tours that can take you through and show you the wonders of the local caves.

Mole Creek is also the departure point for a number of walks including the walk into the Walls of Jerusalem National Park.

Deloraine is an old Tasmanian town with many Georgian and Victorian era buildings lining the streets. Deloraine is known for it's arts and crafts, holding a massive craft fair every year and is also a great town to stop and grab a coffee and enjoy the local bakeries.

If you are looking to explore Cradle Mountain but don't want to stay up in the Cradle Mountain village, Deloraine offers plenty of accommodation and easy access to the mountain.

A brief history of Mole Creek and Deloraine

Mole Creek has a long history of Aboriginal habitation and saw much conflict with the arrival of European settlers. 

Deloraine was settled as farm land in the 1820s, becoming a major agricultural centre for settlers in the region.

Our Local Tips

  • Take a tour of the caves to see the limestone formations and the glow worms
  • Check out the old buildings around town
  • Go to Lions Lookout for a great view, and see the lion sculpture and map in cast aluminium.