Queenstown is an old industrial town nestled in amongst the mountains of the West Coast and a perfect base to explore the West Coast region.

Queenstown is around three hours drive North West of Hobart on the Lyell Highway and is one of the most scenic drives in the country taking in the alpine lakes and mountains. The drive down into Queenstown itself is always spectacular with a long winding road snaking down the amber coloured hillside into the valley below.

Queenstown has plenty to see and do with a number of great walks close by as well as the history and heritage of the town to explore, the local museum is incredibly fascinating and worth the $5 entry fee.

A Brief History of Queenstown

Queenstown was settled in the early 1880's as a forestry and mining town after the discovery of gold at My Lyell. The towns industrial history is evident due to the strange almost moonlike landscape surrounding the town after forestry and mining stripped the surrounding hills bare.

In the first part of the 20th century the town grew into a major economic hub and the centre of industry on the West Coast. As mining and other activity has wound up the town has become more tourism orientated in recent years,

Our Local Tips

  • The drive in and out of Queenstown is amazing and well worth using a dashcam or strapping a GoPro to the front of your car to capture.
  • You can now go rafting on the King River in summer which is a great day trip.
  • Stop in at the Queenstown Heritage Museum it's absolutely fascinating.
  • Take in the view over Queenstown from Spion Kop Lookout