Stanley and Smithton

Stanley and Smithton take in some of the most beautiful coast lines in Tasmania and sit between the sea and the forests of the Tarkine region.

Stanley has heaps to explore with the forests of the Tarkine, Rocky Cape National Park and the Nut all close by. For those looking for a great view of the area you can climb the narrow trail or take the chair lift to the top of the Nut for a great 360 degree field of view. 

Smithton has heaps to do all year round with plenty of amazing nature experiences to explore nearby. You can explore the Blackwood forest at Dismal Swamp which also involves taking a giant slide to the forest floor. For surfers, the beaches at Marrawah offer amazing surf however some caution should be taken. Cape Grim is also a popular spot boasting some of the cleanest air in the world.

A Brief History of Stanley and Smithton

The Stanley region was first sighted by Europeans during the circumnavigation of Tasmania by Bass and Flinders in 1798. A settlement was established in the early 19th century, and in 1825 the Van Diemen's Land Company was granted large amounts of land in and around the area for farming. It was known as Circular Head until renamed to Stanley in 1842. In the late 19th century The Duck River post office was established, and later became Smithton in 1895.

Our Local Tips

  • Ride the chairlift to the top of The Nut.
  • Slide down to the forest floor at Dismal Swamp.
  • Breathe in some fresh air at Cape Grim.