Swansea, Coles Bay and Freycinet

Swansea, Coles Bay and Freycinet make up one of the most popular destinations in Tasmania known for beautiful beaches, some of the best walks in Australia, challenging rock climbs and spectacular views.

Swansea is around a 90 minute drive North East of Hobart and is situated on the edge of Great Oyster Bay. The town provides spectacular views of the Freycinet Peninsula and is a great spot to stay the night or grab lunch before heading further north. Swansea has some amazing fresh seafood and it's well worth stopping for some fish n chips on the beach.

Coles Bay is another half an hours drive north of Swansea is a great town to stay in if you want to spend some time exploring the Freycinet Peninsula. The town has plenty of accommodation catering to any budget and is very close to the Freycinet National Park.

Freycinet National Park is one of the most popular spots in Tasmania to explore with the famous Wineglass Bay at the top of most travellers to do lists. Wineglass Bay is beautiful all year round, it can be reached on foot and the walk to the top of Mt Amos is one of the most popular and photographed spots in Tasmania. The park has some great day walks exploring various natural features around the national park and cater to a variety of fitness levels.

A Brief History of Swansea, Coles Bay and Freycinet

The Freycinet area has been home to a variety of industries after colonial settlement the biggest of which were agriculture, mining and whaling. Much of the infrastructure from this time is still visible with mining shafts and old huts still standing today. 

The Freycinet Peninsula was made Tasmania's first national park in 1916.

Our Local Tips

  • Climb Mt Amos at sunrise for a fantastic view and beautiful colours.
  • Go Sea Kayaking around Great Oyster Bay
  • Jump on one of the cruises, at the right time of year you can even see whales.
  • Bring plenty of fluids and sunscreen during warmer months.
  • Stop at Kate's Berry Farm near Swansea for some sweet treats.
  • Have a look at the unusual Spikey Bridge just south of Swansea

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