Best season to visit Tasmania

One of the questions we get asked the most (and you guys google the most) is "what time of year should I visit Tasmania?" There's no scientific answer to that question so here is our guide to the different seasons in Tasmania.


  • When: December to February
  • Average Temp: 21c to 12c
  • Average Rainfall: 47mm
  • Highlights: Warm weather, summer festivals, heaps of outdoor stuff to do

Summer sits in the middle of tourism season in Tasmania and is easily the best time if you are planning a major adventure. While the weather can spike into the high 30s and even reach the low 40's generally temperatures remain in the 20s which is great if you want to do something physically demanding like a multi day walk or just think your legs look terrible in shorts.

Things to do

Summer is peak season for Tasmania with everything open and up and running. If you are planning a road trip or a weekend getaway there are always plenty of day activities running throughout the state with wineries and farm gates around every corner and plenty of short walks to explore.

If you want to do one of the hundred or so adventure activities on this site then all that don't involve snow will be up and running. If you are looking at doing a multi-day trip with a company it's best to book a few months in advance, for single day activities it's best to book a couple of weeks in advance as activities tend to book out fast.

Summer always has heaps going on in Tasmania over summer with major events like Falls Festival, MONA FOMA, Taste of Tasmania, Cygnet Folk Festival and the Wooden Boat Festival (every two years) all running during the summer months.

What to pack

Just cause it's summer doesn't mean you shouldn't pack warmer layers especially if you plan to travel to alpine areas. The weather in Tasmania can turn at any time and the last situation you want to find yourself in is on top of a mountain in shorts with no coat in freezing cold snow.

Sunscreen is an absolute necessity, if you remember back to the last century, we collectively as a species decided to gift mother nature a hole in the Ozone layer over Antarctica and the southern parts of this planet. Mother nature decided to return the favour by gifting us all melanoma. Wear sunscreen, SPF 30+ is best.

Bring your bathers, the water might be a bit fresh but it's more refreshing than the bath water you get on the mainland.


  • When: March to May
  • Average Temp: 17c to 9c
  • Average Rainfall: 51mm
  • Highlights: Cooler than summer, slightly cheaper 

Autumn in Tasmania is at the end of the general tourism season and is a lot cooler than the summer months. As the summer tourism season is coming to a close you can usually find some great deals on accommodation and activities online so it's worth scouting around for a few.

Things to do

Autumn is a great time of year to go on a road trip around Tasmania, the colours in the trees are amazing and it's one of our favourite times of year for photography trips. The East Coast is a great spot as well to visit in Autumn as you don't encounter the crowds in places like Wine Glass Bay and the Bay of Fires that you get over summer.

Adventure wise most operators finish up for the year around Easter before the cold sets in so it's best to get in before then if you are planning a multi-day or just some more adventurous (and water based) trips.

The biggest event over the Autumn months is the Tasmanian International Arts Festival (10 days on the island) which features performances and exhibitions hosted around Tasmania. The International mural painting festival in Sheffield is also worth checking out for something a bit different.

What to pack

With the colder temperatures it's best to pack for colder weather, still bring sunscreen but it's worth packing a warm coat and leave the bathers at home. If you are planning on travelling in alpine areas or walking in exposed places it's worth bringing some outer layers that are waterproof and will keep you cold if the temp drops below 0c.


  • When: June to August
  • Average Temp: 11c to 4c
  • Average Rainfall: 52mm
  • Highlights: Snow, Winter Festivals, Dressing like Tom Baker

Winter in Tasmania is one of our favourite times of the year, it's cold, can be a bit wet but you get treated to snow and a number of amazing festivals. Winter is also Tasmania's off peak season so you can get some really good accommodation an flight deals making this a great time to visit if you are on a budget.

Things to do

Winter is a great time if you want to visit Hobart in particular with heaps of awesome festivals on. Dark MOFO is on in June and features some amazing arts installations around the Hobart CBD, international music acts and the usual general insanity of a MOFO festival such as a nude swim in the Derwent river. Festival of Voices is another major event happening in July with vocalists and choirs from all over Australia descending on Hobart for over a week of performances and workshops. The festival also features a huge bonfire in the middle of Salamanca and a giant singalong usually on the last Friday night of the festival.

During Winter we also usually get quite a bit of snow spread around the state. In Hobart Mt Wellington is always a magical sight to see covered in snow, though parking on the mountain is always a problem. Places like Cradle Mountain are stunning with a light covering of snow and there are a few companies now offering winter snow shoe trips on the Overland Track as well.

What to pack

Pack for the cold, thermals are a godsend, warm coats, anything with wool and a puffer jacket would all be on our list. Expect it to be cold, possibly wet and it's not uncommon to see the locals doing their best impersonation of Tom Baker's Doctor Who. If you get here and feel you don't have enough warm gear there are plenty of outdoor stores that can help out out with everything you need.


  • When: September to November
  • Average Temp: 17c to 8c
  • Average Rainfall: 62mm
  • Highlights: Lots of snow, start of season for Adventure activities

After the deep freeze and long nights of winter spring is always a welcoming time of year. There is still plenty of snow around and it can be the wettest time of the year but it's a great time to go exploring and usually quiet as summer tourism season is just around the corner. There are still plenty of deals coming out of the winter months but it's still worth shopping around and booking in advance as well.

Things to do

Spring can be a bit quiet however it's a great time to see plants flowering and also a bit of snow. We usually see a bit of snow into September and even as late as October. 

Most Adventure Tours start up again in October with the first multi day trips of the season happening around mid October. Rafting at this time of year can be good as the water levels are high which can be a lot of fun. If the rain isn't a deterrent then the cooler days are great for mountain biking or walking if you want to avoid the summer heat.

What to pack

For Spring it's worth packing a rain coat and some warmer layers. You probably won't be swimming but we do get some warmer days especially in October as well so keep that in mind.

When to visit?

Hopefully this article helps you decide but really any time of year is good to visit and there is always something to do to help you take a break. If you have your own photos you want to share or an opinion that the world should know drop it in the comments below.

Chosen which season to visit?

Chosen when to visit Tasmania? Make sure to check out our DestinationsThings to do and Accommodation sections to help plan your next trip to Tasmania.