Shene Estate & Distillery in 35mm

Tasmania is going through a boom right now with new distilleries opening up each week and still makers running waiting lists. Shene Estate is a family run business channeling a rich history into a new premium product, Poltergeist Gin. 

We tagged along with Hobart and Beyond's recent Heritage Highway instameet to see what we could find with a trusty Pentax Sportmatic and a few roles of Fuji Superior 200.

Shene Estate is a historic homestead located at Pontville north of Hobart. The estate is one of the oldest in Tasmania being established in the 1800's. The buildings were designed by Francis Butler who was the architect for many of Tasmania's oldest buildings in the early colony and much of the labor was provided by convicts. 

Walking around the grounds you get a real sense of just how old these buildings are with their narrow entrances and hand carved stone. The buildings are so old there are even signs of pagan religions with symbols carved into the stone itself.

During the colonial days of the British Empire Shene was one of Tasmania's wealthiest estates and a prized symbol of power, today it stands as a relic of a bygone era with a new found purpose.

In addition to the distillery Shene Estate also doubles up as a perfect spot for holding a unique wedding with heritage charm. Only a few weddings are held here each year making it a sought after location.

Poltergeist Gin

If you love Gin then you absolute must include a trip to Shene in your visit to Tasmania. Poltergeist Gin is an award winning product having won a Gold Medal at the World Gin Awards and the San Fransisco International Spirits Competition in 2017. Poltergeist is made using Tasmanian produced Copper pot stills and local ingredients.

If you want to take a bottle home with you make sure to check out the cosy road side stall (open sundays) where you can purchase direct from the manufacturer.

Check out Shene Estate

This is not a paid promotion, we had fun visiting, captured some great shots and thought our readers might like it too.