Tasmania in Winter, tours and things to do

Winter in Tasmania is always stunning with warm winter afternoons, snow on the mountains close by and plenty of amazing festivals and tours to enjoy. Here are a few of our favourite things to do over the winter months in Tasmania.


Tasmania shuns hibernation in the winter and comes alive with a number of exciting festivals including Dark MOFO and the Festival of Voices. Dark MOFO combines amazing food, public art displays spread throughout the Hobart CBD and some amazing musical performances and events into one massive winter festival that has become a major highlight every year. The Festival of Voices is one of Australia's largest vocalists and choirs in Australia and is host to some amazing concerts and workshops. The big sing and bon fire in Salamanca has become a massive drawcard and a great way to spend an evening.

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Don't let the idea of a bit of cold put you off taking the opportunity to go Kayaking. There are plenty of places to get on the water that are great for winter paddling including Freycinet and the Hobart waterfront. You don't need to worry about getting cold, between a spray jacket and some warm clothes you will be nice and toasty once you get paddling.

If you are in Hobart make sure to check out the Hobart City Kayak. This tour runs from Sandy Bay and includes a tasty fish n chips lunch served directly from the fish n chip punts in Sullivans Cove.

If you are up at Freycinet make sure to do the Freycinet Paddle, this is an amazing way to explore the Freycinet and Coles Bay area.

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Food and Wine

Tasmania has some amazing food and wine experiences and there is nothing like stepping into a winery, restaurant or pub and enjoying a nice wine or whisky next to a roaring fire. There is a huge selection of whisky, wine and food tours all over Tasmania to chose from with plenty of locally produced boutique offerings.

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