Winter Delights - Five wintery things to do in Tasmania

Winter is an amazing time of year to visit Tasmania with heaps to see and do all around the state. From June to September you will always find plenty of things to delight the senses on a winter break.

1. Winter Festivals

Tasmania is home to some of Australia's best winter festivals with delights for all your senses. Whether it's music and art or the best food around you will find it all in Tasmania over the winter months.

Dark Mofo

Dark Mofo runs from the 8th to the 21st of June and features a huge range of performances from top international and Australian talent including Mogwai, A.B. Original, Ulver and plenty more. Keep an eye out around the water front for massive art installations including Dark Park and eat until your stuffed at the Winter Feast. 

To end the festival write down your fears for the Ogoh-Ogoh and join the procession to the burning. If all that isn't enough don't forget to sign up for the nude solstice swim and join hundreds of others for a quick skinny dip in the Derwent River.

There are plenty of free events but make sure to check the website for details. 

Huon Valley Mid Winter Fest

The Mid Winter Fest has become a winter highlight for many in Southern Tasmania, happening in the middle weekend of July (14th to 16th). The festival is based on ancient European traditions helping to bring in a bumper harvest when spring arrives. 

The festival includes a giant burning straw man and the Wassail Away where you dance, sing, scream and make as much noise as you can in order to scare away anything nasty from the local fruit orchids. While there make sure to enjoy the amazing cider that the Huon Valley is famous for.

Check the website for more details. 

Festival of Voices

Festival of Voices is Australia's premier vocal and choir festival happening from the 30th of June to the 16th of July. Expect to see some amazing performances with artists travelling from all over the world to sing and share their knowledge and experience. 

A major highlight of the festival is the huge bonfire and singing event that happens in the middle of Salamanca.

Check the website for more details.

2. Keep an eye out for the Aurora Australis

Winter with it's shorter days is the perfect time of year to see the Aurora Australis. The Aurora occurs when solar winds from our sun collide with the magnetosphere and are pushed down into the upper atmosphere where they lose their energy and create stunning colours that dance across the night sky.

The best places to see the Aurora Australis are outside of populated areas in Southern Tasmania with beaches such as Clifton Beach and Eaglehawk neck often proving popular. It takes a powerful Aurora to be seen by the naked eye but you can usually see them with a camera capable of taking long exposures.

3. Lift your spirits

Tasmania is home to a booming Whisky and Sprits industry, and it feels like there is a new boutique distillery trying something different opening up each week. From Vodka made with Sheep Whey to global award winning whisky it's not difficult to find a raging fire and something strong to warm you up.

If you need a designated driver make sure to check out Tasmanian Whisky Tours.

4. Screw the cold, let's get muddy

If you are like us getting stuck in doors for months on end is enough to drive you bonkers, at some point it's just worth throwing on a rain jacket and braving the cold. There are plenty of new MTB trails all around Tasmania to enjoy with plenty of new ones going in at Derby if you are looking for a challenge. If Mountain Biking isn't your thing then head out on a walk or even jump in a kayak, you can always dry out in front of a fire with a whisky later!

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5. See the sights and the snow

Winter is a great time to go sight seeing in Tasmania with all the major attractions open over the winter months including national parks and Port Arthur. Winter is traditionally a quieter time of year so it's a great time of year if you want to spend more time somewhere without lots of people.

National Parks like Cradle Mountain and Mt Field also often get a regular dusting of snow between June and October so if you are looking to enjoy the snow then this is the perfect time of year to visit Tasmania.

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