Dark MOFO Survival Guide

Dark Mofo has become a regular fixture on the Tasmanian festival calendar with locals and visitors selling out events and flocking to all the free outdoor events and exhibitions. Here are a few quick tips from us to get the most out of your Dark Mofo experience.

Download the App

Dark Mofo put together an awesome little app for Android and iOS devices with heaps of useful features including a full events program, information on various exhibits including all the ones at Dark Park, maps and a planner so you can put all the events you want to go to in one place. This is the easiest way to find out what is going on around the festival as well as the easiest way to find various venues which are some times tucked away in hard to find places.

Dress for the Cold

Hobart in Winter can be brutal with cold temperatures and rain so far this week making things a bit more interesting. If you are planning on heading out to explore events like Dark Park then make sure to bring appropriate warm clothes that will keep you warm while waiting in line. We also recommend not wearing thin soled shoes as the ground can be absolutely freezing and quite rocky and gravely over at the Macquarie Point site.

It's smokey

If you are going to the outdoor events be aware it's very smokey so if you are asthmatic then bring your inhaler and try and avoid the big wood fires if possible. Guys a word of advice, getting wood smoke smell out of your beards is a pain so buy some of Professor Edward J Fuzzworthy's Beard Shampoo.

Share stuff online

Dark Mofo is very social media friendly and if our feeds are any indication a lot of people are taking advantage of that fact. The official hashtag is #darkmofo and you can always see what other people are up to and what is happening in real time at the various venues.

Be mindful of little ones

While Mona and Dark Mofo might seem like a bit of an adult play land families are welcome and encouraged to come along and partake. As such it's always good to be mindful in some of the darker and more crowded spaces where you step and who is around you.

Remember the safe word

It's bananas, really. We were hoping it would be fluggaenkdechioebolsen but hey it wasn't up to us.