Southern Lights on the shore line

South Arm on the shores of the Derwent river has been a popular spot with photographers chasing the ever illusive South Lights or Aurora Australis. This week however the shores of South Arm have been throwing up some lights of their own as bioluminescent phytoplankton have washed up on the shore line creating their own stunning light shows.

Another kind of Southern Lights

The lights are caused by phytoplankton, a tiny single celled organism capable of generating their own light using a chemical reaction. Under the right weather conditions with enough nutrients in the water the phytoplankton are drawn together and with enough of them concentrated in one place can generate these amazing light shows.

__Beam Me Up, Scotty!__ The bioluminescence that's currently in Hobart along the Derwent River has captured the attention of media, scientists, photographers and the local community. ___________________ Ever since I'd first seen the bioluminescence on my local beach last week where I discovered how extraordinary it was walking on the sand and seemingly fireworks of colour erupting with each step, I'd had an idea of a shot I wanted to get. So, I was out last night with @lovethywalrus & @cassleigh_ I asked if they could wear gumboots. They did, and this is the shot I wanted. Thanks Paul & Cass, you two are great models and awesome sports. ... You see, I got them to stand on the edge of the beach in shallow water. Then I started throwing buckets of water over their feet. I kinda got carried away and threw water over their pant legs too. They got a tad wet. The full shot of this is a cracker, both of them are blurry while the rest of the scene is in focus. They were trying to keep still but laughing cause they were getting wet. #discovertasmania #bioluminescence #southarm #hobart #seeaustralia

The current bloom we are seeing at South Arm is almost a two metres wide in places and the lapping of the waves or any motion causes the bright blue chemical reaction to occur.

Sea sparkles in southern Tasmania

If you have your own photos from South Arm this week of the amazing colours in the water make sure to tag us so we can re-share.