Whats the best way to get around Tasmania?

Getting around Tasmania is half the fun of travelling here with heaps to see and do between stops and plenty of roads to just explore. Here is our quick and handy guide to sorting out the right transport for you on your next trip to Tasmania.

Guided Tours

If you are planning to fly down to Hobart or Launceston and don't want the hastle of organising hire cars or other transport then there are a number of companies offering 3 to 10 day tours with a variety of options to suit any budget. For a comprehensive list of tours check out our guided tours page.

Hiring a car

Hiring a car is the easiest and most flexible way to get around if you are flying down to either Hobart or Launceston. There are a number of major car hire places at both Hobart and Launceston Airports as well as a few other smaller operators that can offer you some great deals if you don't need to drive what ever this years model car they have available.

Hire cars are great as they afford you the flexibility to travel on your own time table and to explore places you probably can't get to by public transport. Keep in mind however hire cars often come with limitations on which roads you can drive on and most dirt roads are off limits.

Another consideration and depending on the hire company you go to will be the Drivers Licence you hold. If you have an Australian drivers licence you should be fine but some hire companies do require overseas visitors (excluding New Zealand drivers) to hold an International Drivers Licence. You are allowed to drive on a licence issued in another country but that licence must be in english (or be officially translated). It's best to check with the hire company and book in advance if possible. If in doubt or you need more info check out the Tasmanian Transport Website.

Bring your own vehicle on the Spirit of Tasmania

If you want to bring your own vehicle to Tasmania then the only way to currently do that is via the Spirit of Tasmania. Bringing your own vehicle can be a great idea as it means no hire car costs and the Spirit can cost about the same amount as a flight from Sydney or Melbourne.

The Spirit is either a day or overnight sailing between Melbourne and Devonport getting in at around 6am or 6pm depending on your sailing. Once on dry land and through customs (yes it's a thing) you can pretty much go where ever you want. 

The Spirit is a great option if you want to do something like bring a 4WD, camper van or specialised vehicle and are planning on spending a week or more here driving around.

Cycle Touring

Cycle Touring isn't for everyone and a good amount of fitness is needed to get over some of our hills but if you want the challenge and freedom of seeing Tasmania under your own power then this has to be one of the better ways to get around.

Getting a bike here on the Spirit or via an Airline is relatively easy though depending on how you chose to travel there may be some extra costs involved. There are also bike shops and dedicated companies that will hire out touring specific bikes and gear. Once here you can ride at your own pace and even go place where cars and other motorised vehicles can't like the amazing Tasmanian Trail.

Some of the better places for Cycle Touring include the Derwent Valley and the East Coast and you will often find cyclists out on the windy back roads over the summer months.

Public Transport

Tasmania has a number of public transport options available with public bus services running throughout the state.

In Hobart, Launceston and Burnie you can use the Metro Bus service to get around. Busses start at $3.10 for short trips however you can buy a green card that can be loaded with credit. 

If you want to travel between major centres around Tasmania then there are a number of bus and coach companies offering regular services throughout the state including Redline and Tassielink. You can also often find smaller tour services that will do day trips and tours to various attractions such as Port Arthur or Cradle Mountain.


Top Image Credit - Krystal Morrison on Instagram