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Are you an accommodation provider, tour company or attraction wanting to list your product on Adventure Tasmania?


Adventure Tasmania sources it's accommodation products from Tourism Exchange Australia (TXA). If you have compatible booking system all you need to do is turn on your TXA connection and select Adventure Tasmania as a distributor.

If you do not have a compatible booking system you can use the TXA iLoader system.

Accommodation listings are currently on hold pending an internal review.

Tours and Attractions

There are a number of different ways in which we accept tour and attraction products on Adventure Tasmania

Tourism Exchange Australia

If you have a TXA compatible booking system all you need to do is select Adventure Tasmania as a distributor and you should be ready to go. It's worth sending us an email when you do this so we can check that your product has been loaded correctly and is ready to go.


Adventure Tasmania is an agent through Rezdy and we can automatically load your tours directly into our website from the Rezdy booking system. You can find Adventure Tasmania in the Rezdy marketplace or alternatively contact us and we will send you an agent invitation. To get your tours on Adventure Tasmania you must provide us with preferred rates which are negotiable and we are happy to talk to you about this. 

Please be aware we need to setup a Tour Company listing on Adventure Tasmania before we can display your tours.


We understand that a booking system doesn't always work well with some businesses so we are willing to make exceptions for tour companies and attractions on a case by case basis. If you are an accommodation provider you must be accessible through the TXA system for us to list your product.