Terms and Conditions

  • Adventure Tasmania is a booking agent for the businesses that are listed on this website. Adventure Tasmania is not the provider of these services. Each tour operator and service provider has their own terms and conditions and are available to read on our booking form. Please check terms and conditions for each service provider when making a booking.
  • Bookings made through Adventure Tasmania may be non-refundable depending on the individual terms and conditions of each provider. Dependent on each individual tours terms and conditions a refund may be provided in the event of adverse weather conditions which may impact either the quality of a tour or make a tour unsafe to provide.
  • Changes to booking should be made with the provider of the service, please check your booking confirmation email for details on how to do this. Fees to make changes may apply depending on provider.
  • If you fail to turn up for your booking you will not receive a refund.
  • Adventure Tasmania is not responsible for any injuries, loss of property, damages or death resulting in partaking in activities listed on Adventure Tasmania.