Franklin River White Water Rafting 8 Day Tour

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General Terms
Franklin River Rafting Pty Ltd, ACN 159 338 995 trading as



Rafting is in the nature of an “extreme sport” and as such, has inherent dangers and risks, including risk of injury or death to the participant. While your tour guides are skilled and experienced, due to the nature of river rafting, FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING is unable to be in any way responsible for any injury or death of the participant. Due to the remote location of the tour, medical aid or evacuation can be delayed for hours or even days.

Please carefully read FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING’s terms and conditions, which include important information regarding the risks and dangers of river rafting, outline your rights and obligations, and limit FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING’s liability. FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING’s terms and conditions apply to the extent permitted under law, including under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth), and should any clause or part of any clause be in any way unenforceable, invalid or illegal, it is to be read down so as to be enforceable, valid and legal. If this is not possible, the clause (or where possible, the offending part) is to be severed from these terms and conditions without affecting the enforceability, validity or legality of the remaining clauses (or parts of those clauses) which will continue in full force and effect.

1. Bookings can be made by submitting a deposit of AU$400.00 per person, a medical disclosure form and a RELEASE OF LIABILITY & ASSUMATION OF ALL RISKS signed by each of the participants [which must be [18] years or older,] using the online booking forms and direct deposit or credit card.

2. These terms and conditions are not binding on FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING until your booking is accepted and confirmed in writing by FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING. FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING reserves the right to accept or deny services to any person for any reason, including due to minimum number requirements, safety and medical reasons.

3. You agree that your tour is subject to FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING’s minimum number requirements and to water and weather conditions. You agree that FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING may cancel your booking immediately at its sole discretion:
3.1 if you have not paid the balance of your tour cost by 60 days before departure. In this instance you agree to forfeit your deposit;
3.2 for any reason before departure or during your tour, including due to the change in water and weather conditions and failure to meet FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING’s minimum number requirements. In this instance, subject to clause 4 below, FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING will refund all payments made by you, however you agree that FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING will not be liable for any further amounts, including for any additional expenses incurred by you due to such a cancellation.

4. You agree that FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING is not liable for any refund or additional costs incurred by you if:
4.1 you, for any reason, arrive late or leave a tour early (including if you have been asked to leave the tour early by FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING due to you not following their instructions and safety rules); or
4.2 additional portages and changes to planned itineraries occur for a reason beyond FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING’s control; or
4.3 you are offered a place on the next available tour to your tour cancelled under clause 3.2.

5. If you cancel your tour:
5.1 more than 60 days prior to departure, you agree to forfeit your deposit;
5.2 between 60 days and 8 days prior to departure, you agree to be liable for 75% of the cost of your tour; and
5.3 7 Days or less prior to departure, you agree to be liable for 100% of the cost of your tour.

6. You agree to abide by the instructions and safety rules of FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING and your tour guides, and accept that due to safety reasons your continued participation is at the sole discretion of FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING and your tour guides.

7. You agree that FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING and your tour guides may procure emergency medical or rescue services on your behalf should you become injured or ill or unconscious, and you agree to:
7.1 pay for any emergency medical or rescue services procured on your behalf; and
7.2 indemnify FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING for any costs paid by FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING for such medical or rescue services.

8. Bookings are not transferable, and FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING is under no obligation to accept a replacement participant should you wish to cancel your tour, however it may do so at its sole discretion if you find someone (at your own expense) to replace you on the tour up to 60 days before the scheduled departure date, subject to:
8.1 availability;
8.2 the balance of the tour cost being paid; and
8.3 a signed RELEASE OF LIABILITY & ASSUMATION OF ALL RISKS being received by FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING from the replacement participant.

9. The cost of your tour does not include, unless stated in writing by FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING, the cost for any airfares, travel insurance, sleeping bag, extra meals, alcohol, and any items listed in Annexure A.

10. You agree, unless you indicate otherwise to FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING in writing or on the RELEASE OF LIABILITY & ASSUMATION OF ALL RISKS, that FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING may take photographs or video of you during the tour, and you agree that FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING may use parts or all of such photographs or video in promotional activities in any media throughout the world in perpetuity.

11. You agree, unless you indicate otherwise to FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING in writing or on the RELEASE OF LIABILITY & ASSUMATION OF ALL RISKS, that FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING may use your contact details to send you promotional materials (which you may subsequently choose to unsubscribe from).

12. The laws applicable in Tasmania govern these terms and conditions, and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Tasmania and any courts competent to hear appeals from those courts.

13. In the event of a dispute with FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING, you agree that:
13.1 a decision of an arbitrator governed by the laws of Tasmania shall be binding; and
13.2 any ruling against FRANKLIN RIVER RAFTING will be limited to the cost of your tour.


You are responsible to purchase for, and/or require to bring, for the duration of the tour:

Accommodation in Hobart (before and after the trip)
Travel insurance
Sleeping bag
Extra meals (Breakfast on day 1 and dinner on day 10)
Clothing [specified on the clothing list]
Additional personal items such as toiletries etc
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Tour Details

8 Days
Available October through to April
Regions Visited
  • The Franklin River
Departure Point
Departure point provided upon booking

Tour Description

8 day full river trips are ideal for those wanting to see the Franklin River but can only afford to take a little time off work.

See the beautiful Irenabyss, the awe-inspiring Great Ravine and the magnificent Rock Island Bend best known as the image that helped save the river by Peter Dombrovskis. 30 years since the Franklin River was saved and the area declared a Unesco World Heritage Area it still continues to inspire, come celebrate this beautiful place with us.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1

We travel on our bus from Hobart to the starting point of the trip. On Arrival we have lunch and prepare the rafts for take off. Before leaving you will receive a comprehensive safety briefing and all the necessary rafting instruction required.Our first day on the river, we raft down the Collingwood and Upper Franklin, Negotiating obstacles such as; Boulder Brace, Log Jam, Nasty Notch and Descension Gorge on or way to the spectacular Irenabyss, our resting place for the evening. On arrival in camp we will introduce you to the many aspects of wilderness camping, prepare a delicious meal and really get to know our fellow rafters.

Day 2

We begin the section know as the Middle Franklin, a beautiful stretch of the river that winds its way along ancient forests including the Huon Pines that are thousands of years old. Tonight we make camp either on a delightful beach or at one of the established rainforest campsites along the river.

Day 3

Our second and final day on the Middle Franklin today we enter The Great Ravine, the cliffs get higher and a sense of foreboding befalls us. In the distance a thundering roar, The Churn rapid a compulsory portage announces it's presence. Getting past the dangerous rapids on the Franklin River is an art form in itself and different water levels dictate how we must tackle the task as a team. Once the rafts, all our food, camping and personal gear are safely at the bottom the next obstacle comes into view. The Corkscrew can be one of the finest rapids on the river or not, either way once we have negotiated the challenge we paddle down “Serenity Sound” feeling tired, satisfied and ready to make camp.

Day 4

The Great Ravine, today we tackle the crux of the trip. The Great Ravine’s major challenges are all within 3 kilometres of each other but due to the care and effort required to safely overcome them it requires quite some time. The Dean and Hawkins party who in the 1950’s were the first to successfully descend the river took six days to complete this stretch of river. Nowadays thanks to the improvement in equipment and knowledge it can be done much quicker but it still requires a good days effort.

Day 5

We journey down through the stunning Propsting Gorge, one of the best stretches of raftable whitewater on the Franklin River. A slightly shorter which is generally welcomed by all after the effort of the previous days. Shortly before camp we arrive at ‘Rock Island Bend’ often associated with the Franklin River and the campaign to save it due to the photograph taken by Peter Dombrovskis ‘Morning mist at Rock Island Bend’. Tonight we camp at Newlands Cascades a naturally sheltered campsite, one of the best places to be if its raining and the river is rising.

Day 6

We begin our voyage down the Lower Franklin, after a quick goodbye from the whitewater we have come accustomed to the landscape changes dramatically. The river widens, the rock formations become predominantly limestone and the Franklin's wild waters become calm and tranquil.Sometimes a White-Bellied Sea Eagle keeps watch from above following us along the river until it is satisfied with our presence, leaving us once more to experience the silence and isolation of this immense wilderness.

Day 7

Our last day of rafting as we continue down the Lower Franklin and onto the lower reaches of the Gordon River. Along the way we pass another majestic set of caves and a little canyon known as The Lost World. As The Franklin flows into the Gordon River we pass the proposed site for the Gordon-Below-Franklin Dam, a reminder that this place was nearly lost forever. Another 6 kilometres downstream we reach the jetty at Sir John Falls the end of our journey by raft.

Day 8

We begin the day bright and early to the sound of Andrea Bocelli coming from on board the ‘Stormbreaker’. Trevor the skipper bellows out a mighty “Good Morning Folks” as we break camp for the last time and head on board the yacht. In the early morning mist we cruise down the Gordon River past the iconic 'Butlers Island' where blockaders attempted to stop the barges carrying bulldozers almost 30 years ago. We continue to cruise down the river to its mouth and into Macquarie Harbour, on a clear day you will be treated to 360° views including the dramatic Frenchmans Cap in the distance. The Stormbreaker takes us all the way into the small west coast town of Strahan. On arrival our bus will be waiting, the journey continues to Hobart and back to your hotel.