Hollybank Segway Tour

With Hollybank Treetops Adventure

Tour Details

1.5 Hours
Launceston and the Tamar Valley

You've been here before, but only in your imagination.
You're gliding on air, above the ground with a clear view of everything ahead.
At the same time, you're with the crowd in perfect sync. No obstacles. No
barriers. You find yourself traveling farther and seeing more. Go fast. Go
slow. Go anywhere. This is how you envisaged travel sometime in the future. But
it isn't the transportation of tomorrow. It's Hollybank's Segway Tours, today. With
a guide to show you the basics of riding, plus their in-depth local knowledge
to give you a truly memorable experience, you're in for the time of your life,
filled with memories that will last a lifetime.

Who may Participate?

Minimum age: 12 years

Minimum weight: 45kg

Maximum weight: 117kg

Minimum age to participate without Parent/Guardian on tour with them: 13 years.

Please note there is a minimum tour size of 2 guests, if this is not reached unfortunalty the tour will be cancelled

We do not currently have a maximum age and guests of up to 80 years of
age have enjoyed our tour, but we must point out that Segway tours are
an adventure activity and falls do occur. Some physical and mobility
issues (and mobility diseases) preclude riding safely. For this reason
you should not undertake a Segway tour if you are pregnant, or at risk
of osteoporotic fractures or any other medical condition which increases
your chance of injury if you do fall. If you are able to walk up and
down a flight of stairs completely unsupported by rail, walking stick or
other person, you should be able to pick up the balancing skills

Please note: if we do not appear to have availibilty on the day you wish, give us a call on 03 6395 1390 and we can see if we can accomodate extra tours.

Also if you are trying to book using a discount voucher and it does not appear to be working give us a call on 03 6395 1390 and we can do the booking direct, or alternatively you can book online (paying the full amount) and make a note in the special requirements section and we will reimburse the difference upon presentation of a vaild voucher. Sorry for any inconvenience.