Huon River Calm Water Cruise

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Calm water cruises - General terms and conditions.

The vessel, on embarkation will be in a seaworthy condition. The ship owner provides the vessel with crew according to the law, and with full equipment for the voyage. The consumption of fuel, lube oil and fresh water is included in the price. The ship owner provides tableware and one berth per passenger.

Except for normal wear and tear the vessel is to be in the same condition after the cruise as before the cruise.

The ship owner holds the vessel and crew insured under Australian Law.

The ship owners are obliged to compensate for losses concerning a voyage crew death or injury, also loss or damage of the voyage crew luggage whilst on board, if the loss is due to error or neglect caused by the ship owners. The ship owners are not responsible for any loss or damage to special items of value for instance jewelry, bonds stocks, precious metals unless these items are specifically entrusted to the master for safe keeping.
These laws are in compliance with Australian law.

In case of the vessel being deemed unseaworthy by the ship owners before the contracted period begins the voyage crew has right to a full refund of the charter amount. This does not include any additional expenses that may have been incurred by the customer. Including airfares hotel visa etc.

If the vessel is deemed unseaworthy by the owners during the contracted period or is unable to continue her passage due to unseasonable weather conditions, war, armed hostilities insurrection, civil commotion, delay in transport or delivery, strike, shortage of labour or materials or any act of god or government or regime, the voyage crew shall have no claim of refund whatsoever against the ship owners in respect of such refusal or cancellation.

The Captain holds the supreme authority on board, and at any time during the cruise his decisions regarding the navigation of the vessel are final.

Calm water cruise - Special terms and conditions.

The vessel may make use of her engine to maintain schedules.

Changes and delays to the program may occur as a result of weather or sea conditions.

As a passenger, you have a responsibility to inform the master and the ship owner, as early as possible, of any medical condition or disability, so necessary considerations can be taken. This information will remain strictly confidential. It is at the discretion of the master to refuse embarkation, if it is considered unsafe to participate. If a voyage crew refrains from informing the master and ship owner of these matters and as result of that is refused embarkation, no refunds will be available.

Calm Water Cruise - Cancellation Policy.

1. In case of cancellation by the ship owner, all received payments will be refunded.

2. In case of cancellation by passenger, the following fees apply:
a) Cancellation within 24 hours of a cruise - 100% fee
b) Cancellation within 48 hours of a cruise - 50% fee
c) Cancellations beyond 48 hours of a cruise - No fee

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Tour Details

  • Cruise down the Huon River on board a historic wooden boat.
  • Sit back and relax or get involved, hoist sails and learn about the vessels history.
1.5 Hours
  • 90 Minute Cruise on board Yukon, an Oak North Sea Trawler
  • Snacks, Tea and Coffee
Available all year round
Regions Visited
  • Huon and Channel
Departure Point
Franklin Marina

Tour Description

Take an opportunity to feel the amazing sensation of a wooden ship under sail at sea.

Built of oak in 1930 to trawl the North Sea, her next incarnation was as a pleasure craft socialising on the Danish wooden boat circuit. But by the time the Australian shipwright David Nash saw her lovely lines she had hit hard times. He rescued the Yukon from the bottom of a harbour near Copenhagen and negotiated hard for her sale price – a case of cold beer.

After seven years of restoration and a circumnavigation of the globe with his family, David brought her to the port of Franklin, on the beautiful Huon river just outside Hobart.

Join David on board to hoist the sails and learn more about this historic vessel’s amazing history.